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The high quality Ligne St Barth skin care range is based on natural active ingredients from Caribbean plants. Details of their healing and soothing properties have been handed down over the generations from the Arawak people.

Ligne St. Barth Treatments

We will guide you into a world of Caribbean scents with our sophisticated elixirs: Tiare, a mix of exotic flowers, delicate Lily, the essence of pure Bourbon Vanilla and the Homme range featuring aniseed, moss and fern. The products are enriched with exotic oils: Avocado, Coconut and Roucou. Before each treatment, we will take you on an aromatic voyage with an «Ouanalao Serenity» relaxation ritual.

St. Barth Sensation1 hour | CHF 130

Sophisticated body pack with soothing relaxation massage
An intensive, moisturising body pack which improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin with its high level of lipids. Your skin will feel silky smooth after a soothing and fragrant massage.

St. Barth Harmony1 hour | CHF 150

Soothing body massage
A relaxing massage using various products with complementary effects. The massage supports the decongestion and drainage of the lymph system, improves the elasticity of the connective tissues and has a smoothing and firming effect on the skin.

St. Barth Softness30 minutes | CHF 95

Relaxing body peeling with coconut oil and papaya
The fruit enzymes in papaya and a special sea sand complex remove dead skin cells while natural coconut oil soothes the skin and nourishes it with valuable nutrients. A treatment for soft, even skin.

St. Barth Slimness30 minutes | CHF 85

A soothing and decongesting leg massage
Rapid relief and relaxation for heavy, swollen legs e.g. after a long walk. The treatment has a draining and decongesting effect, stimulates the lymph system and firms the tissues for slim and smooth legs.

St. Barth Pureness1 hour 20 minutes | CHF 180

Facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage
An intensive, detoxifying and soothing treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. These high quality plant-based care products, packed with natural vitamins and minerals, cleanse the skin and stimulate the skin’s own natural activity for a clearer, fresher and more even appearance. The facial treatment may include a cleansing, peeling, vapozone treatment, elimination of skin impurities, eyebrow correction, relaxing massage and clay face mask, all adapted to suit your requirements.

St. Barth Freshness1 hour | CHF 150

Facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage
A sensuous, relaxing and refreshing treatment of the face, neck, neckline and hands. The high quality plant-based skincare products with natural vitamins and minerals have a purifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own regenerative functions. The exotic burst of freshness with frangipani, melon shower and papaya peeling. Relaxation massage with mango, aloe and exotic oils. Natural clay mask, passion fruit and pineapple.

St. Barth Manicure1 hour | CHF 100

Soothing hand care treatment
This comprehensive hand and nail treatment improves the condition of the skin and nourishes your hands with a relaxing hand bath of exotic oils and lotions followed by a papaya peel. Your nails will be shaped and the cuticles and nail surfaces smoothed down as you would expect of any thorough manicure. An aloe/passion fruit mask and soothing massage of mango and banana hand cream complete the treatment.

St. Barth Pedicure1 hour | CHF 100

Soothing foot care treatment
This comprehensive foot and nail treatment includes a relaxing foot bath of exotic oils and lotions followed by a papaya peel. It improves the general condition of the skin and leaves your feet soft and silky smooth. Your nails will be shaped and the cuticles and nail surfaces smoothed down. An aloe/pineapple mask and massage using mango butter body lotion guarantee a professional pampering for your feet.

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