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Nurturing, feel-good facial treatments for a soft, pure and fresh skin.

Facial treatments



Bronze - Basic HydraFacial facial treatment 1 hour | CHF 180

This treatment targets pore size and delivers a deep skin cleanse. A gentle suction process removes sebum build-up, blackheads and blemishes. The intense moisturising effect makes your skin silky-smooth and radiant. The treatment rapidly stimulates new cell formation for a more refined pore structure.

Silver - Professional facial treatment 1.5 hours | CHF 220

This professional facial treatment regenerates and improves the structure of your skin. The intense Basic treatment is the ideal way to prepare your skin for the next step: LED light therapy. Red light helps regenerate the cells and slow declining elasticity. Blue light stimulates oxygenation in the skin and improves the supply of nutrients to the cells.

Gold - Deluxe facial treatment with Dermabuilder 1.5 hours | CHF 250

The Deluxe treatment includes all essential steps of this ultimate intensive care regimen and also includes a lymph drainage step to speed up the clearing of lymphatic blocks and removal of waste products. The multi-peptide DermaBuilder complex provides extra moisture to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles. To top off the whole treatment, an LED light is applied for outstanding results you can see right away – firmer, smoother skin.

IS Clinical


Fire & Ice Facial 1 hour | CHF 180

The intensive Fire & Ice Facial was developed to quickly and safely rejuvenate your skin’s surface. The two-stage facial reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin smoother, more even and softer.

Honey Enzyme Facial 45 minutes | CHF 150

The luxurious peeling and hydrating facial improves the complexion with a gentle massage and soothing moisturiser. No matter what skin type, this treatment will make it feel softer and smoother than ever.

Foaming Enzyme Facial 1 hour | CHF 180

This powerful, yet gentle facial combines papaya and pineapple enzymes with effective, clinical-grade glycolic acid. The professional treatment involves applying a pleasant foam containing bioactive ingredients for a skin peel and deep pore cleanse.



Relaxing Anti-Stress 1.5 hours | CHF 150

A relaxing well-being treatment to rebalance your skin
These beauty masks for the face, eyes and lips reduce expression lines on the sensitive parts of the face and eradicate any signs of tiredness. Beauty results are visible immediately, creating a fresh and radiant complexion – a well-being programme which penetrates beneath the skin.

Deep Purifying 1 hour | CHF 99

Deep-cleansing and soothing skin care mask
This revitalising and invigorating skin care treatment creates a fresh and refined appearance. Pamper your skin with the benefits of a deep-cleansing treatment.

Douceur De Coton 1.5 hours | CHF 180

For sensitive skin
Pamper your sensitive skin with this specially developed treatment method. The skin will feel soothed immediately as feeling of well-being unfolds thanks to the calming and strengthening substances contained in these high quality skin care products. Spoil yourself – wrap yourself in a skin care cocoon and relax as your skin is soothed and re-balanced.

Pureté Poudrée 1.5 hours | CHF 180

For greasy and mixed skin types
This treatment enables you to re-discover the beauty of a non-greasy, radiant complexion by achieving the perfect balance between cleansed and supple skin. Allow your skin to benefit from this professional deep cleanse.

Revitalising Anti-Age 1.5 hours | CHF 210

Revitalising and invigorating treatment for firmer skin
This firming facial treatment combined with highly effective anti-ageing products and a manual massage results in an immediate lifting effect. The contours of the face are re-modelled and wrinkles smoothed out for beautiful and radiant skin.

Hydration From The Lagoon 1.5 hours | CHF 180

A fresh, energising and moisturising treatment
Submerse yourself in the waters of a Polynesian lagoon. This treatment is targeted at dry, tired skin and gives the skin back its freshness and moisture. The special treatment contains a high proportion of essential minerals and relaxes the face, revitalising the skin and creating a bright and radiant complexion. The skin is 'plumped up' again and fine lines caused by dryness disappear.

Neomorphose1.5 hours | CHF 220

Anti-Wrinkle Prescription
An ultra-concentrated treatment with a multidimensional approach using three complementary actions (resurfacing, filler and regenerating) which perfectly tackles all texture irregularities (wrinkles, pores, imperfections in the complexion) to transform the skin from inside out. The skin is rebooted and left resplendent.

Éclat De Cristal 1.5 hours | CHF 180

For lacklustre skin
Give your skin its harmony and perfection back! The skin is invigorated and cleansed with products which eradicate any signs of tiredness and paleness and create an even, healthy and radiant complexion instead. The resultant porcelain-like shimmer and fresh, clear appearance cannot fail to impress. Your skin will look transparent and pure as crystal!

Or Parfait Deluxe 2 hours | CHF 260

Professional treatment for extra firm skin
This luxury anti-ageing treatment re-models the contours of the face, reducing wrinkles and creating firmer skin for a sense of wellbeing you can really feel. Savour this pampering treatment with its unique effects, as pure as gold.

Diamant De Beauté 2 hours | CHF 295

A treasure for perfect skin
A luxury class innovation. Diamond, sapphire and tourmaline bring new radiance to the skin and make it shine from within. Your skin will be more beautiful and radiant than ever before, attracting admiring glances like an exquisite jewel. Discover this exceptional skin care treatment for yourself! It combines the art and science of beauty with nature and precious stones.



Dermalogica Classic1.5 hour | CHF 180

  • Skin analysis / face-mapping
  • Deep cleansing with Vapozon
  • Professional exfoliation plus cleansing
  • Massage
  • Face mask
  • Finishing treatment
  • Flash make-up
  • If required, product recommendations with the face-mapping analysis

Dermalogica Superior 2 hours | CHF 240

  • Skin analysis / face-mapping
  • Deep cleansing with Vapozon
  • Professional exfoliation plus cleansing
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Massage of face and neck, décolletage and hands
  • Face and décolletage modellage
  • Finishing treatment, booster
  • Make-up
  • If required, product recommendations with face-mapping analysis

Ligne St. Barth


St. Barth Pureness1 hour 20 minutes | CHF 180

Facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage
An intensive, detoxifying and soothing treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. These high quality plant-based care products, packed with natural vitamins and minerals, cleanse the skin and stimulate the skin’s own natural activity for a clearer, fresher and more even appearance. The facial treatment may include a cleansing, peeling, vapozone treatment, elimination of skin impurities, eyebrow correction, relaxing massage and clay face mask, all adapted to suit your requirements

St. Barth Freshness1 hour | CHF 150

Facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage
A sensuous, relaxing and refreshing treatment of the face, neck, neckline and hands. The high quality plant-based skincare products with natural vitamins and minerals have a purifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own regenerative functions. The exotic burst of freshness with frangipani, melon shower and papaya peeling. Relaxation massage with mango, aloe and exotic oils. Natural clay mask, passion fruit and pineapple.

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