Your personal travel program

Your personal travel program

Luxury time made easy

Follow the steps below and create your personal travel program:
On the right hand side of every main page and subpage of the Montana website, you will find the box entitled “travel program”. Please add an offer, an experience or an event of your own choice to your personal travel program by clicking the „add“ button. For example, select the room that suits you best, the restaurant that serves your preferred menu or the spa treatment that offers well-deserved moments of relaxation.

Create your personal travel program adding as many highlights as you want. The service is free of charge and without obligation. It allows you to have your personally tailored program arranged prior to your arrival and ensures that you do not miss any highlights.

If you want to view, arrange or save your travel program, please click on the „travel program“ button. Once saved, you may select a title and a subject associated with your journey. Bookmark your personal site, print it out, send it via email or share it with the entire world.

Have fun creating your travel program.


Will my personal data be stored?
No, they will not. Your personal data will not be requested or stored anywhere at any time. Only the title selected by you will be electronically linked to your travel program and deposited in our archive.
Exception: If you like to join into our contest we will need your name and email adresse.

How many pages can I incorporate into my travel program?
You may incorporate as many as you want.

For how long will the travel program be stored under the link?
The link will be stored as long as you wish.

How can I print my travel program?
After you have saved your travel program, please click the „print“ button located on the right hand side in the box labelled “travel program”.

What does «page cannot be incorporated into the travel program» mean?
Some subpages such as the media corner cannot be incorporated into the travel program.

I have lost the link to my travel program. What next?
The good news: your travel program is still stored and available for use. The bad news: since your personal data are not stored within our system, we cannot identify your travel program, unless you are able to remember its title.