Special offers Hotel


Not time to go home yet? Check in spontaneously from 9pm and benefit from our attractive „night bird“ offer that includes a pyjama, an overnight amenity kit and breakfast.

Are you too tired or (too) romantic to return home after partying all night in Lucerne? Take advantage of our “night bird” special and spontaneously book a night from 9pm. Pyjama and tooth brush amongst others are included! This is reason enough not to abruptly end an unforgettable evening only because the last train is about to leave.


  • 1 night including breakfast
  • Pyjama by Calida
  • Cosmetics
  • Tooth brush and comb
  • Shaving cream and blade (for men)

Pyjama and cosmetics will be provided during check-in. Please note that you can book and check-in from 9pm only. The rooms are subject to availability.


Single room CHF 210
Double room per person CHF 150