Our ART DECO HOTEL MONTANA **** has charm, atmosphere and culture. Appeals to the senses and stirs emotions. Is a setting for experiences: romantic and modern, elegant and stylish, innovative and direct. Culture to enjoy.

Guiding principles

Noticeable and consistent quality is a very important factor, and is at the forefront of each and every individual, each and every day. Measuring quality, revising and altering things are continual processes.

We wish to achieve a homogeneous overall effect, in both architecture and design.

The city of Lucerne is continuously developing; something which we take into account in our mid and long-term business plans.

Within our region, throughout Switzerland, and in all our further target markets, we cultivate a positive and active image. Our individuality sets us apart from the rest.

Using external help, we regularly seek to optimise our management and organisation structure.

Charm, atmosphere and culture are achieved as a result of the quality, uniqueness and overall impression created in our hotel.