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Chef Johan Breedijk tempts and inspires

Chef Johan Breedijk tempts and inspires

Johan Breedijk’s cuisine embodies Mediterranean lightness while incorporating a taste of southern Switzerland, Italy, France and Greece. His tempting dishes are prepared with shrewd perception and a blend of market-fresh seasonal ingredients, delicately spiced with carefully selected fresh herbs; the results of which are exquisite and incomparable flavour.

A moving career and steep ascent into the top league of first-class cooks

The 40 year-old Dutch-born Johan Breedijk can afford to be proud of his brilliant career that has rightly led him into the top league of first-class cooks. Following his traineeship in one of the most renowned restaurants in Holland, he then made his way to Ticino, in the south of Switzerland, where he gathered valuable experience as Sous Chef in the Ristorante Santabbondio led by Martin Dalsass - as well as in other locations in Ticino and Italy. Prior to taking run of the kitchen as Chef de Cuisine in the 16 GaultMillau points award-bearing Hotel Giardino in Ascona, Breedijk also headed the kitchen brigade as Chef de Cuisine at the service of the Ristorante Da Enzo and its capricious clients in Ponte Brolla. And already at this point in time he cooked-up 15 GaultMillau points and was pronounced climber of the year in Ticino in 2004.