Scala Terrace

Scala Terrace

Enjoy culinary delights and panoramic vistas, regardless of the weather

A visit to the outdoor living room allows the discerning guest to dive into new architectural and gastronomic dimensions. Regardless of the weather, enjoy our delicious 15 GaultMillau point cuisine framed by spectacular views of Lake Lucerne, the city and the mountains beyond. The terrace is open from spring to autumn, and even on mild winter days. Besides, a heated conservatory is available for guests to soak up the scenery in colder months.

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SCALA RESTAURANT – Johan Breedijk cooks for you in the evening

SCALA MENU from 19 August - 15 August 2014

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SCALA MENU from 26 August - 1. Sept. 2014

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SCALA MENU from 2. Sept. - 8. Sept. 2014

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SCALA MENU from 9. Sept.- 15. Sept. 2014

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Dear guests of the Scala Restaurant, please respect our dress code (elegant and chic).